Getting Started


  1. Download the library here .

  2. Place in the same directory as where you are writing your python file.

  3. In your python file, write the following line at the top:

from edmlib import gradeData, classCorrelationData

This gives us the classes with all the relevant methods. If python gives errors when compiling, make sure to install the libraries it mentions such as numpy or pandas.

Importing Data

Grade data

Your data needs to be in the form of a .csv file in the same directory or a “pandas” dataframe. This library expects data in the form of a list of grades recieved by students in certain classes, with more information possibly usable in the future. The columns required for core functionality right now include columns for final grades, student ID’s, class number or name (e.g. ‘1000’ in “Psych 1000”), class major or department, and the term the class was held.

First, the data needs to be instantiated with the gradeData class:

data = gradeData('fileName.csv')

# or, for a pandas dataframe,
pandasData = gradeData(pandasDataFrame)

Then, either standard columns can be used for determining which column is which (where the data set has columns finalGrade, studentID, term, classID, classDept, and classNumber all defined), or you define your own columns with the method defineWorkingColumns. Here is an example with Fordham’s dataset:

df.defineWorkingColumns('OTCM_FinalGradeN', 'SID', 'REG_term', 'REG_CourseCrn',
                        'REG_Programcode', 'REG_Numbercode', 'GRA_MajorAtGraduation')

The order of the parameters is important here. For more details, such as how class names can be given without a department or number, see the class’s Initialization section of the EDMLib Functions page.

After that, all the functions on the page EDMLib Functions under gradeData are ready for use.

Correlational data

If you have already used the library and exported correlational data with it, this data can also be imported in a similar way:

data = classCorrelationData('fileName.csv')

Column names are standard within the program for this data and don’t need to be changed.